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Φ2.2×7.0m Ceramic ball mill
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一、Technical performance


2type MB2270

3mill body rotary speed21.4±0.2r/min

4grinding body loading capacity25(max)

5motor typeYR500-10160kW/IP23/380V/60HZXi 'an sima motor

6reducerZLY315  I=5.0Tyrone reducer plant

7weight50tnot include grinding body 25t

二、Main parts, material and type

1motor     YR500-10    160kW/IP23/380V/60HZ

2reducer   ZLY315  i=5.0

3shell  material Q235-B δ=20, end plate δ=56

4hollow shaft    ZG230-450(ZG25)

5girth gear    ZG310-570(ZG45)

6pinion    40Cr( hardening and tempering)

7liner      high alumina ceramic tile(≮92%

8main bearing    special bearing for outside spherical self-aligning double ball mill SL0549/895SL0649/895

三、Supply scope

1rotary part                                    1set

2main bearing device                            2sets

3discharging deviceinclude 304screen drum      1set

4liner                                        1

5drive device(girth gear, pinion, cover)              1set

6motor                                        1pc

7reducer                                      1pc

8coupling                                      1set

9motor, reducer base             1set

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