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Vertical pre-grinding mill
Description: rotating rollers with pressure. Together with ball mill, it can form a circulatory pre-grinding system, circulatory hierarchical pre-grinding system and finished grinding system. It is widely used in building material field, metallurgy sector, chemical industry, etc. It mainly consists of motor, speed reducer, grinding disc, grinding roller, hydraulic device, lubricating device, and more. Its special roller design and grinding technology contribute to its low power consumption. With 30% to 40% lower power consumption and 50% to 100% higher output, this mill is really cost efficient.
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1. Its grinding roller employs forced lubrication oil feeding mode to effectively prevent dust from entering into bearings.
2. Made of high-chromium cast iron, its lining plate of grinding disc and roller shell are easy to change and have a service lifespan more than 30000Hr.
3. The speed reducer is designed with static pressure lubrication system. Sensors are used to monitor the pressure and temperature, thus ensuring stable operation of this kind of vertical pre-grinding mill.
4. Intermittent and follow-up working mode is designed for the hydraulic oil station. The advanced following monitoring device can consecutively monitor the operation condition of the vertical pre-grinding mill, which helps to prolong the life of its components.
5. High productivity and low energy consumption. As a perfect combination of extruding and cutting technology, this mill has a higher efficiency than normal ones. For example, its production capacity for raw materials of cement has improved 100%, and its productivity for clinker has been increased by 50%. Additionally, its electricity consumption is 30% to 40% lower.
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